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Dr. Kobren continues to be a pioneer in his field by continually pushing the limits of technology. Please take a look at some of his innovative and create patents below.


Surgical Scalpel

Highlighted as one of New York Times Best Inventions. A surgical scalpel has a flat blade, which may have a cutting or severing edge, and an elongated ergonomic handle having distal and proximal ends and an imaginary central axis. In one preferred embodiment, of a disposable (one use) scalpel the blade is embedded in a molded plastic resin handle. The handle has a general triangle shape in cross-section with the top face being slightly curved. The handle, near its distal end, has an enlarged finger pressure section having an indentation at its top face adapted for a finger pad to apply pressure to the scalpel handle. Click here to learn more.

Document: US20060041266

Cervical Cytology Instrument

A gynecological instrument for collecting cell samples from the endocervix and exocervix and exocervix, e.g., a Pap Smear brush, has a handle portion carrying a brush base. The brush is connected to the brush base and comprises a central portion of stiff bristles which are generally perpendicular to the handle axis, and a line of softer bristles generally aligned with that axis. Click here to learn more.

Document: US20020068881

Cervical Biopsy Device

A cervical biopsy device utilizes a biopsy needle having a magnifying lens mounted directly on a cutting sheath. The magnifying lens also acts as a barrier to prevent excessive penetration into the tissue. The components of the biopsy needle, which include a stylet, the cutting sheath, and the magnifying lens, may be constructed as a single, disposable unit to eliminate the possibility of blood and/or other fluid contamination when using the biopsy device. In a method of using the biopsy device of the invention, the magnifying lens is used to observe the initial insertion of the stylet and sheath into tissue as well as the cutting and removal of the tissue. Click here to learn more.

Document: 5953751

Needlestick Resistant Medical Glove   

A needlestick resistant glove for surgical and other medical uses includes a flexible and elastic web which fits the user's hand. In one embodiment the web is partly covered by custom-fitted curved plates. The flexible web areas between the plates comprise hemispherical or disk protrusions. In another embodiment, without plates, the protrusions on the web are disks and the areas between the disks are covered by other disks. Click here to learn more.

Document: 5953751

Chest Protector in Sports Medicine

A chest protector, in sports medicine, adapted for players of the athletic games, is light in weight and reasonably comfortable to wear. It will protect the heart and chest cavity area of players in such games as lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball. The chest protector includes a shirt, preferably of two-way stretch fabric, having a large front pocket across its chest area. A protector plate is positioned within the pocket. The protector plate is an assembly of molded layers, comprising inner-most and outer-most layers of plastic, preferably polyethylene sheets; a central layer of a high impact polymer pad, preferably a dry polyurethane gel; and two layers of high impact resistant fabric of high tensile strength fibers, preferably para-aramid fibers, with the polymer pad being sandwiched between the two layers of impact resistant fabric. Click here to learn more.

Document: US20060080762

Surgical pad accounting system and method

In a surgical procedure absorbent pads, such as sterile gauze lap pads and sponges are used to absorb blood and other fluids. It is vital that none of the pads be left in the patient after the operation. To account for each pad and be certain none are left in the patient, each pad is marked with unique human readable alphanumeric character, for example, each pad in its face is printed with one number from the numbers 1,2,3 . . . 10 or more. Click here to learn more.

Document: US20080030303

Sports Party Game

Several different football-related games and activities are combined into a kit, resulting in a unique combination for use while watching a football game on television such as the Super Bowl. A sports activity kit comprises bingo-like game; a statistics game; various interactive segments, and a trivia segment. Upon completion of the selected segments, all participants tally their accumulated points, and the participant who accumulates the most points wins the game overall. At least the winner of the game preferably receives a trophy. In the preferred embodiment, adult and child versions of the game are provided. The adult version includes a bingo-like game, a statistics game, and a trivia segment. The child version includes two different interactive segments—a ball throw and a ball-kick component—and a statistics game. Click here to learn more.

Document: US20100171263

Surgical Instrument and Method for Fallopian Tube Ligation and Biopsy

A laparoscopic surgical instrument to perform tubular ligation of the Fallopian tube includes a handle grip to be held by the surgeon. A finger grip is used to slide a body member on a rod fixed to the handle and to squeeze a staple onto the Fallopian tube. A forceps, operated by a button on the handle, pull up the Fallopian tube and holds a segment of the tube, as a biopsy sample, after it has been severed. Click here to learn more.

Document: 7765615

Male Incontinence Device

A patent-pending device that has been developed to assist overflow incontinence and inability to hold urine for a prolonged period of the time or on a business function.Click here to learn more. 

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