Family Planning


Dr. Kobren is a board-certified family physician with over 20 years experience providing quality family planning services. He offers a complete range of family planning, gynecological and family practice services including routine women's health care and comprehensive care for the entire family.

Due to the wide range of services she provides, the purpose of each patient's visit is completely confidential. You will meet with Dr. Kobren before any procedure. This is an excellent opportunity to address any questions or concerns.

Dr. Kobren's background in family medicine makes him uniquely qualified to not only provide the highest quality care but also be very sensitive to the emotional needs of her patients.

Each patient has a private discussion with one of our medical assistants regarding the procedure and aftercare. This is a private discussion, however at the patient's request; a support person may be included. You can feel confident that Dr. Kobren will personally take the time to make you feel at ease and address all your concerns.

Our patients describe our office as "warm and caring". This explains why so many women who have been to our office bring their friends and loved ones to our office if they need help.

There is minimal waiting at our office. Because we are not a clinic, we do not schedule a great number of patients. This means less waiting, with the total time at our office less than two hours for most procedures. We also can be available for completely private appointments after hours and on weekends.

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