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Dr. Myles Kobren provides personalized care to all of his patients. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in his field, Dr. Kobren treats all of his patients as if they were members of his own family and provides the very best services in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility. Please read some of the letters Dr. Kobren has recently received:

Dear Myles, Remembering your thoughtfulness and all the joy it brought. Thank you! 
Love & God Bless, Mrs. O

Dear Dr. Kobren & Staff, There aren't any words or cards that can express enough thank you's for giving us the gift of life. From fertility to delivery and beyond. Your compassion & competence will never be forgotten. Your guidance and caring will always be remembered when we look back on how our precious bundle came to this world. Thank you for giving us the most treasured gift of all, our son. 
Fondly, The U family

Thank you for being the best doctor and staff a patient could ask for! 
Love, The S family

Dear Dr. Kobren, We just want to say that you are the best! We appreciate everything that you do and couldn't get through this without you. 
Love Always, The A family

Dear Dr. Kobren, We love you so much! We consider you part of the family! There is no one like you and we are the luckiest!!! Thank you for being you! P.S. We made it through thick and thin... we did it! 
Love, The T family

Dear Dr. Kobren, Our sincerest thank you for the extra special care and counsel you gave us! Thanks to you we are celebrating our beautiful grandson, Timothy! Melissa is very lucky to have you as her doctor and her friend! 
Love, The B family

Dr. Kobren and his incredible staff, Thank you all so much for making all three of my pregnancies such great experiences. I can honestly say that I enjoy my trips to your office because of the wonderful staff! 
Love, The C family

Dear Dr. Kobren, Thank you for successfully performing my surgery and for always being such a caring and wonderful doctor. Your thorough approach is greatly appreciated! 
Thank you, The M family

Dear Dr. Kobren and staff, Thank you so much for the extra special care that we received throughout my wife's pregnancy and for all your help bringing our daughter into the world. 
The A family

Dear Dr. Kobren and the entire staff, Without you our children would not be a part of our lives. Thank you so much! 
Love, The M family

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